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Smart Grid

Monitoring Sensors

Theft Detection

Technical Losses and Non-Technical.

Maintenance Predictive

Geo Detection of failures.

SAIFI, SAIDI, and DEC Indicators.

Monitoring and Remote Management.

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Bromteck TV

Bromteck TV
Bromteck TV is the platform that will allow you to interact with your users by providing linear TV services, IPTV content, OTT, and third-party applications in such a way that they have the best experience in consumption from any device, when and how you want thanks to the integration and compatibility with multiple devices and screens.
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Marketing and Advertising.
You can apply marketing strategies and direct advertising to your end users through the Bromteck TV platform by publishing personalized promotional ads either to increase content consumption, enhance your brand or better image in the mind of the client.
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Bromteck Analytics
The platform presents a module for evaluating consumption statistics that through the possibility of configuring the information you need and want to analyze, you can visualize it in a technical sheet of valuable value in order to know what are the main consumer trends in your market and anticipate to satisfy any type of need to achieve greater customer loyalty.
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The Best User Experience.
Through Bromteck TV its users can enjoy an interactive platform where they will find linear channels, premium packs, detailed programming guides, VOD content, NPVR, Catchup TV, Multiscreen and the diversity of the most used third-party applications.
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User-friendly Interface

Multi Screen

About bromteck

Constantly evolving.

Bromteck is a multinational company with a development center in Germany, positioned as one of the leading providers of information and communication technology for service providers, by creating revolutionary technology and services that enable success for our customers in a connected world.


It consists of focusing our talent and technology on creating quality products accompanying our customers in their evolution through the development of integrated technological solutions.


To be the leading provider of technological solutions through our excellent level of service, highly trained professionals and cutting-edge technological resources.