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By having your own platform, you can quickly recoup your investment through differentiation in content subscription plans.

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Interaction, functionality and avant-garde in a single application.

The main objective of BROMTECK TV is that both you and your clients enjoy a completely friendly, interactive and efficient platform.

The difference is in the experience!

Linear channels, Premium packages, detailed programming guides, VOD content, NPVR, Catchup TV, Multiscreen and the diversity of the most used third-party applications.


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One platform, multiple industries.

At a local, national or foreign level, Bromteck TV adapts to the needs of all types of clients, offering the possibility of achieving content delivery for all industries.

Through Bromteck TV, its users will be able to enjoy an interactive platform where they will find linear channels, Premium packages, detailed programming guide, VOD content, NPVR, Catchup TV, Multiscreen and the diversity of the most used third-party applications such as Netflix, Spotify, and Youtube.


Multiple Compatibility.

You will be able to deliver content to your clients where you want, how you want and when you want since your platform can be transmitted being compatible on multiple devices.

About Bromteck TV

With more than 30 years of experience, Bromteck started in Germany with the aim of manufacturing and providing products and solutions related to digital activities. Its constant evolution and development has allowed it to expand its specialization, reaching market leadership in Broadcast, Network Infrastructure, IOT and Security operations.

The great human and engineering team that Bromteck has allowed the company to position itself as one of the most reliable companies when it comes to developing strategic technological projects. Engineers, specialists, operational and administrative personnel deepen their activities day by day with the main objective of bringing cutting-edge products and solutions with a high level of professional development and safety to our clients.

Our mission

Provide evolution to the client through the development of integrated technological solutions of excellence, thus generating an instant socio-strategic link with him.

Our vision
To be the leading company that in constant evolution is able to give the market access to technological solutions by developing the best cutting-edge content in the world.

Bromteck is currently developing technological operations in more than 20 Latin American countries.

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