Bromteck IoT
We are specialists in the development and implementation of intelligent solutions that allow optimizing processes and resources in infrastructure management, developing fully and safely all projects that are decided to be implemented.
Bromteck TV
BROMTECK TV is® the platform that will allow you to interact with your users by providing linear TV services on IPTV, DVB, OTT and hybrid platforms and third-party applications so that your users have the best experience in content consumption wherever, when and however they want.
About bromteck

Constantly evolving.

Bromteck is a multinational company with a development center in Germany, positioned as one of the leading providers of information and communication technology for service providers, by creating revolutionary technology and services that enable success for our customers in a connected world.


It consists of focusing our talent and technology on creating quality products accompanying our customers in their evolution through the development of integrated technological solutions.


To be the leading provider of technological solutions through our excellent level of service, highly trained professionals and cutting-edge technological resources.

Smart Solutions.

 IoT Solutions are applied to different fields such as industry, home, smart cities, agriculture, security and logistics.


Efficient management


Cost reduction

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Bromteck TV

Launch your own IPTV/OTT platform!

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