What IS IT?

Bromteck TV is the platform that will allow you to interact with your users by providing linear TV services, IPTV content, OTT, and third-party applications in such a way that they have the best consumer experience from any device, whenever and however you want thanks to the integration and compatibility with multiple devices and displays.


Our platform will allow you:

Increase your card of users in the short term.


Multiply your economic income.

Enhance differentiation in the provision of your company’s services.

Improve the experience of your customers’ content consumption, which will allow you to perceive greater loyalty from them.

Why Bromteck TV?

The Bromteck TV platform has been designed by our prestigious team of engineers who specialize in achieving the development of innovative solutions adaptable to the evolution processes that occur in the market. Through direct investment in research and improvement to be able to provide our clients with all the resources that allow them to offer a service that can be profoundly differentiated from their competition, Bromteck TV is strongly guaranteed since we are leaders in the IPTV / OTT industry by be constantly providing excellence and quality in service and support.