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We provide a technical platform to help you grow your video project.

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How Our Solution Works

Local OTT

Middleware in the cloud



Monitoring Platforms

Virtual Operator

Video on Demand.

Software is responsible for VoD content preparation. It performs transcoding of a video archive, prepares movies for adaptive streaming across OTT devices.
Transcoding is performed automatically after adding new content to the video archive. You can set different transcoding profiles for different content types and folders.

White Label

Video Player for Any Screen

Multi-screen experience


OTT software

Live Transcoding

OTT streaming software, Catch Up feature, TimeShift, Content Protection System, High Performance, and Picture Quality.


Customer profiles, Content management, Customer management, DRM (Digital Rights Management), Statistics, and more.


Bromteck 3.0 supports all popular operation systems: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS.

White Label

Adaptable design, with the possibility to incorporate your logo and use your own domain name.

Video on Demand

TV shows and Movies. Categories. Automatic Content Preparation Mode.

Customer Support

Highly proficient specialists offer prompt technical support and are always available to address your inquiries.


Complete line of stbs

We have the most complete line of products to cover each of the needs of your project. Complete line of STBs, encoders, transcoders, ONUs and much more.


Digital headend

Teleste Luminato 4X4.

Software products and project consultancy
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