Customized solutions for monitoring electrical networks in real-time.

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Smart Grid Solutions

TS300 – Koala Fuse

The Koala TS300S Fuse Monitoring System is a compact, robust and highly reliable device, capable of solving a major problem of power distribution networks, allowing to quickly and easily find fault points in their power grid.

TS200 – Medium-Voltage Detector

The TS200 medium voltage detector is a product designed to detect events that occur in medium voltage electrical networks, up to 34.5 kV. It is a system that monitors the distribution network voltage and current, indicating permanent shutdown and restart events.

smart sensor
Smart Sensors

The Smart Sensors are designed for detection and communication of events in Medium Voltage power distribution lines up to 34.5 kV and High Voltage up to 69kV. The concentrator is powered by the network and connects to the control center via DNP3 by GPRS. Its main function is the detection of non-technical losses.

Events Detecction

  • With solar panel and ultracapacitors it achieves an autonomy of 36 hours.
  • 15 year useful life.
  • Protection IP 67.
  • Withstands temperatures between –15 ºC to +65 ºC.
  • Weight: 1.5kG per sensor.
  • Current reading accuracy 2% above 10A.
  • Maximum cable cross section Ø up to 30 mm.
  • Short circuit current up to 12kA.

TS600 Cellular Modem

Is a communication module with the innovation of 4G LTE Cat-4 technology and fallback for 3G systems, enabling installation in any region of the country, with support for all bands licensed by ANATEL – B1, B3, B5, B7, B8 and the most B28 band with frequencies of 700MHz for LTE technology.

The versatility of the TS600 modem includes a range of applications such as use in SCADA systems, telemetry solutions, remote sensing and other M2M applications that require broadband connectivity.

The TS600 modem is a product developed to change the concept of connectivity, combining technology, ease of configuration, performance and stability.

ts 600 modem

Habitat system functionalities

  • Receive and process data from sensors and detectors (Koala, BT, MT) transmitted over the Sigfox network;
  • Convert this data to the DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) protocol, according to the IEEE Std 1815TM Standard, using the distribution map chosen by the client;
  • To be a distributed system of high availability, capable of ensuring the consistency of the data (data replication), even in scenarios of occurrence of errors (replication in servers distributed in different locations); 
  • Configuration of the DNP3 protocol through APIs, in an efficient and optimized way.