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We are an engineering company dedicated to consulting, implementation and supervision of technological projects.

Electric Power





Solutions with implementation of new technologies.

  • Technology diagnosis in Operation and Management.
  • Evaluation of efficient and secure means of communication for the region.
  • Regulations Diagnosis.
Action mode

Lead progress through technology projects

Successful execution of technological projects, providing high quality consulting services.

Constant Innovation

We promote constant innovation through a disruptive vision and insatiable curiosity. Our continuous search for knowledge allows us to offer the best technological solutions, keeping us at the forefront of the latest trends.

Specialization in Process Management

We specialize in the management of critical processes, providing flexible and innovative responses. We work closely with our clients to ensure efficiency and excellence in each phase of the project.

World Class Technology Adaptation

With an innovative perspective, we adapt world-class technology to the local reality of our clients. This allows reliable and efficient control of your processes, ensuring optimal and sustainable performance.

Operational Excellence

Our constant search for operational excellence drives us to exceed standards in each project. We strive to achieve and maintain optimal levels of performance and quality in all aspects of our work.


solution devices


Lower claim rates (fines). Decreased non-technical losses.

Reduced downtime. Lower work force operation costs.

Increased billing. Improvement in SAIDI, and SAIFI indicators.

Habitat system functionalities

  • Receive and process data from sensors and detectors (Koala, MT) transmitted over the Sigfox and LoRa networks;
  • Convert this data to the DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) protocol, according to the IEEE Std 1815TM Standard, using the distribution map chosen by the client;
  • To be a distributed system of high availability, capable of ensuring the consistency of the data (data replication), even in scenarios of occurrence of errors (replication in servers distributed in different locations); 
  • Configuration of the DNP3 protocol through APIs, in an efficient and optimized way.